September 22 is the first day of fall… Is your home ready for it? There are plenty of things for you to do around the house now to make sure your home is prepped for cold weather. When was the last time you checked your plumbing? Or clean your gutters? This checklist will be your ultimate guide to getting your home in tip-top shape before it gets too cold.
  1. Clean your gutters: Before you know it, the leaves will start changing colors & falling into your gutters. Make sure their clean now so you can get the season started on the right foot.
  2. Check on your doors: We all know how chilly and windy Chicago can get at the end of the year. Prepare for it now by changing your summer screens to cool-weather ones and repairing any window damage you may have.
  3. Take a look at your heating systems: Again, we all know how ungodly cold it can get around here. Let’s make sure our heaters work now. Consider having a heating professional come to your home to make sure everything looks okay. It’s better for them to discover minor problems now before they turn into enormous, costly repairs.
  4. Look at your plumbing, too: When I was a kid, my dad made it seem like freezing pipes was a terrifying, everyday experience. In his defense, the thought of cold water in the fall/winter sounds like an actual nightmare now. Make sure your pipes are well insulated, drain your outdoor hoses/faucet, and turn off the water at the source. Also, remind yourself how to turn off the inside water valve in case it does freeze. And just a rule of thumb, Angie’s List says that water heaters last about 10 years. Some signs that your water heater may be dying include rusty water, rumbling noises, and leaks.
  5. Now, let’s look outside: Have you noticed any large tree limbs hanging dangerously close to power lines? Yeah, let’s trim those up now before the snow comes. Obviously, call a professional landscaper if you don’t feel comfortable doing it yourself.
  6. Check the foundation for cracks: This is one of the most inexpensive and important things to do before fall. Be sure to caulk where pipes or wires enter the house and also caulk around the windows throughout your home. While you’re at it, seal openings around the house to make sure water can’t get in and freeze. This will prevent cracks and mold build-up in the winter.
  7. And finally, glance up at your roof: Snow will be on your roof before you know it. We recommend looking for missing and/or lost shingles while the weather is still nice. Again, if you don’t feel comfortable or confident in your personal roof inspection, you can always call a professional. A properly functioning roof prevents water damage, deterioration, and electrical issues.

For additional tips to prepair your home for Autumn, contact us at 312.953.5176.

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