Can you list your home while on vacation? If your house is on the market and you have an upcoming vacation, should you still take it? What if offers come in? What about the security from theft?

Relax, it’s still possible to list your property on the market. If you have a qualified, trustworthy real estate agent working for you, your home may actually be easier to sell with you not around.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • No matter how long or far your summer vacation is, whether it is a weekend road trip or a overseas trip, prepping your home for showings while you are gone will only have to be done once – right before you go.
  • Your real estate agent will only have to worry about fitting showings into the potential buyer’s schedules, not yours.
  • There can be many showings with no disruption to you.
  • An open house is possible as well without impacting your weekend.
  • With either a cell phone or computer and a Wi-Fi or signal connection, you can receive, review and decide on offers from almost anywhere you go. Your agent just needs to know how to reach you and how to best send you e-documents.

What about preparation for showings? What do you do while you’re gone to keep from worrying about your home being secure while you are away? Here are some tips to keep your home, pets and possessions safe:

  • Do all the laundry and dishes: You want to leave a clean house for any potential buyer to see, so a chair full of unfolded clothes or a sink with smelly old dirty dishes makes a bad impression. So, wash and put away (or pack) laundry before you leave, empty sinks and clean all dishes.
  • Clean the kitchen sink: Clean it thoroughly with a good cleanser or with baking soda, rinse well and then squeeze lemon juice into the drains to keep them smelling fresh for days.
  • Empty all trash cans: This is self-explanatory. Trash smells and it will get worse with each day you are gone.
  • Prep your home by cleaning it: Leave your home clean and vacuumed just as you would if you were prepping for a showing. This means your real estate agent can show your home while you are gone and it is totally ready to impress buyers.
  • Plan security measures: Try and make your home look occupied while you are away. Either leave a couple of lights on in the house or purchase automatic timers that can turn lights on and off at staggered intervals. If you have a trusted neighbor, ask them to keep an eye out for anything suspicious, but remind them your real estate agent may show the house while you are gone. Let your real estate agent know exactly how you want the property left when they close up/lock up after a showing (for example, leave a couple of lights on, or shades partially down).
  • Prepare for pet care: If you are not taking the family pet it is best to use a pet sitter or pet boarding facility versus the neighbor just checking in. Your cat for instance can cause odors and unexpected messes that will be very unwelcoming to any buyers walking into your home.
  • Put a hold on your mail: You can do this online (look up your local post office’s webpage) or in person at your local post office. Fill out a quick form and they will hold your mail for you and deliver it all upon your return.

With a little preparation, your home can be shown by your real estate agent and you can still take that much-needed vacation. Let your agent know in advance this vacation is occurring and how they can reach you with questions, concerns, offers and important documents – like a contract. Check out this article by Realty Executives for more information on listing your home while on vacation, or contact us if you have any questions.

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