Here is a list of Gardening Tips for July!

· Remove suckers from tomato plants and support them with cages or stakes.

· Check your garden and harvest daily. Vegetables such as cucumbers, green beans, zucchini, eggplants taste better when harvested young.

· Infestations of insects to be on guard against include but are not limited to those of thrips, fruit worms, hornworms, spider mites, amongst others. Invest in barriers or organic pesticides to protect your plants

· Make sure your pots have plenty of drainage holes to allow excess water to escape. Especially any outdoor pots.

· Pick what’s ripe regularly to improve yields. Some plants such as zucchini will continue to bear as long as you pick ripe fruits.

· Mulch is the key to a healthy garden. By adding mulch over your beds and borders, you’ll increase soil moisture, lessen the appearance of weeds, and improve the quality of fruits and vegetables.

· There will be hot days in July in the Midwest. Stay ahead on the watering to avoid losing any plants.

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