Gardening Tips for August

There will be scorching days in August

August can be the hottest month in the summer in the Midwest. Extended heat waves can threaten your plants if they aren’t regularly watered. Some tips for watering:

· Consider getting a bulb for some outdoor plants so they’ll have a little extra water throughout the day or bring them inside to limit sun exposure

· If you can’t water in the morning, aim for watering in the early evening, to avoid letting the water sit all night. Letting the water sit all night can cause mildew and disease.

Some other tips:

· Harvest vegetables and berries regularly.

· Avoid pruning shrubs after mid-August. You will only be inviting new growth that will fail to harden off in time for cold weather and may become damaged.

· Continue to mulch to cut down on watering bills and to keep weeds at bay.

· Those bargain-basement annuals that you bought back in July should have returned to health by now. Keep them watered and insect-free so that, whenever the worst of summer’s heat seems to have subsided, they will be ready for use in fall plantings.

· Remove weeds.

· Choose your autumn flower seeds and order in advance.

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