Happy Back to School!
Can you believe summer is over? So crazy! Obviously, school is going to look a little different for your kids this year. Whether they’re e-learning or heading into the classroom with a mask, these four tips will set your children up to thrive throughout the school year:
  • Talk it out: This school year is going to look extremely different from past years. But, Encouraging open communication about the new protocols and safety rules in place can reduce your child’s anxiety about everything.
  • Make masks fun: Remember when you were a kid, and you couldn’t wait to rock your First Day of School outfit? You can recreate that same excitement by adding to your child’s mask collection every month. Plus, it will encourage them to continue wearing the mask throughout the school year.
  • Explain the Why: Younger kids might not understand why we’re wearing masks… Teenagers might not think that masks are cool. Regardless, remind your kids that everyone is wearing a mask so that they don’t spread germs. Simple as that!
  • Make sure the kids are comfortable: This seems like an obvious tip, but it bears repeating! Ensure that your children are working at tables and chairs that fit them. You can also use pillows or cushions for extra support. Also, they should only work on the couch for short intervals and should avoid bed-learning altogether.

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