We all know that having a bad attitude usually leads to having an equally bad day, right? And we also know that, sometimes, one positive thought can turn that bad day around. It sounds cliché, but positive thinking can make all the difference. Plus, positive thoughts can definitely reduce stress, anxiety, and tension. During these unprecedented times, I think we can all agree that positive thoughts have more power than ever. Here are five little ways to bring more positivity into your life…

Give yourself encouragement: A quick pep talk is a perfect way to motivate yourself. We suggest writing out some of your favorite positive thoughts and leaving them in your purse, wallet, car, bathroom, kitchen, desk drawer, etc. Reference Lisa & her daughter’s office for some inspiration!

Do something to interest your senses: When things get stressful, boring, or negative, focus your attention on something else! Look out the window, listen to your favorite song, smell your favorite candle, eat a yummy snack, and touch a soft blanket. Concentrate on specific things that bring you joy, and that negativity won’t seem so bad anymore.

Spread positivity to someone else: Call a friend, say hi to someone on the street, send a family member a message, or tell your coworker that you appreciate them. Positivity can spread like a wildfire… Once it gets started, it can affect so many other people!

Write it out: What are you thankful for? What made you smile today? What do you have to look forward to? You deserve to take a step away from the craziness and remind yourself of what’s really important.

When all else fails, treat yourself: Sometimes, it’s hard to get out of a negative rut. But you know what helps? A new pair of shoes, a weekend getaway, a plate of chocolate chip cookies… That’s sure to put a smile on your face, right?

Happy Positive Thinking Day!

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