Gardening tips for June that will have your flowers blooming this summer!

· Plant tomato, vine crops, pepper, and eggplant transplants after mid-May.

· Seed snap beans after May 15; sow every 15 days for continuous production.

· Plant tender bulbs such as gladioli, dahlias, and caladium after May 15th.

· Attract ladybugs to the garden by planting dill, catnip, thyme, daises, coneflower, yarrow, tansy, alyssum, marigolds, and salvias.

· Do not cut back foliage on bulbs such as tulips and daffodils until June; if flowers have become smaller or less abundant, the bulbs may need to be divided in June, dug up, and re-spaced.

· Mulch plants in late May when the soil has warmed; dry grass clippings work well. My favorite color mulch is brown, please no red! Here’s a quick guide on how to pick the right color mulch.

· Be alert for a late spring frost and prepare to cover tender plants with a row cover, cardboard, and blankets.

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